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Interview with Queen Breeder Cory Stevens (57)

February 22, 2020

In this interview with queen breeder Cory Stevens we talk virgin queens, the challenges of raising queens as a business, and much more. Patrons, I hope you enjoy this early release which will go public on February 22nd.  Content is most suited to intermediate beekeepers who are comfortable making splits and introducing mated queens to a split. Once that feels comfortable -- consider adding great genetics to your yard via virgin queens from breeders like Cory. While they are a bit more challenging to introduce....they are cheaper to try out (so get several!) and since they mate with you local drones you can combine the benefits of selected genetics with your local bees. 

Cory's on facebook as Stevens Bee Company and his website is:

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About Beekeeping at Five Apple Farm: Leigh keeps bees at 3000' in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with around a dozen-plus stands. Hives are managed for bee health with active selection for vigor, genetic diversity and disease resistance. The apiary is self-sustaining (not needing to buy/catch replacement bees since 2010) and produces honey and nucs most every year. 

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